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Partners in Excellence for Leadership

in MCH Nutrition at UCLA



Trainee Liaisons: Clarissa Wong, MPH Candidate

                            Aliyah Moradi-Bidhendi, MPH Candidate


Contact Information:

Program Director:

Dena Herman, PhD, MPH, RD

(310) 825-8196




Program Profile:



The goal of this program is to develop leadership, advance scholarship and promote partnerships for the improvement of the nutritional health of mothers, children and families, including those with special health care needs, especially in the West.



  • Providing continuing education for personnel of Title V and related programs, especially those serving underrepresented communities, incorporating distance learning technology when appropriate.

  • Serving as a local, regional and national MCH nutrition resource by proving technical assistance and consultation to Title V and other MCH programs.




The program consists of a network of 5 Western Universities including University of California, Los Angeles; Colorado State University; University of Washington; Oregon Health and Science University; and Arizona State University. The program’s trainees are graduate or doctoral students, with a background in nutritional sciences who are registered dietitians, or are in the process of attaining the credential. More information about these trainees can be found HERE.

Each year, the program hosts a meeting to engage state nutritionists across the Western United States to network and collaborate. Furthermore this meeting provides participants with continuing education focused on current issue and topics in MCH and Nutrition.




Research topics include but are not limited to:

  • School Lunch Programs and Nutritional Health

  • Food Insecurity Risk and Resiliency Factors

  • The Role of Nutrition Across the Life Course

  • Childhood Obesity and the Microbiome

  • Nutrition and Health Care Outcomes of Children with Special Health Care Needs

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