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UCLA Center for Excellence in Child and Family Health (CECFH) and MCH Academic

Trainee Liaison: Jacqueline Carranza


Contact Information:

Program Coordinator:

Sharlene Joachim
Child & Family Health Program
UCLA Center for Healthier Children, Families & Communities
10960 Wilshire Blvd; Suite 960 Los Angeles, California 90024
(310) 312-9084



Program Profile:


The Child & Family Health Leadership Training Program provides interdisciplinary training in maternal and child health practice, research, and policy analysis for health professionals and public health professionals enrolled in either the masters or doctoral program at the UCLA School of Public Health. Leadership development is accomplished through coursework, mentoring, leadership seminars, and participation in local community-based planning organizations serving children and families.


The purpose of the Child & Family Health Leadership Training Program is to equip future MCH leaders with the kinds of skills, competencies and knowledge they will need in order to advance and elevate the MCH field to a central position in the post-ACA era.


The program offers training for PhD and MPH students in the departments of Health Policy and Management, Community Health Sciences, and Epidemiology. MPH students need to be two-year health professionals, which includes social work, nutrition, physical therapists, nurses, and physicians.  Students’ focus should be on domestic child and family health. Usually, 4-6 fellowships are awarded per year. The program also supports a minimum of 4 domestic summer internships focusing on maternal, child and/or family health topics.


The UCLA Center of Excellence in Children and Family Health (CECFH) works to transform health delivery systems by integrating with community programs, coordinating data collection across sectors, and by championing a life-course model which fully embraces the many factors which shape a child’s development and well-being. The CECFH has developed several mechanisms for catalyzing research and policy analysis through network-based models including: Life Course Research Network, Maternal and Child Health Measurement Research Network and research collaborations between UCLA and local public health departments.

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